Tell a better story

The ability to articulate the idea behind the idea and turn it into a compelling story is what differentiates the brands that dominate from those that sink.

I work solely with clients who:

  • have unique, compelling ideas.

  • understand the value of creative, deep thinking. 

  • Believe in the importance of good writing, and consequently

  • Have the highest standards for the use of language in their brand. 


If you are one of those people, I'd love to hear from you. 


Thought Leadership

My core speciality is working with leaders and brands that want to set themselves apart through thought leadership. Today, it's not enough to just offer a product or a service--the companies that succeed are the ones who have something interesting and valuable to say about what they do. This is where my expertise with getting to the idea behind ideas and synthesizing that knowledge into impactful thought leadership comes in. 

Content Creation

Everyone knows how important content is these days. But what everyone knows and can implement isn't the level you need to be playing at if you want to win in the content arena. I work with companies to develop the highest quality content, ensuring that we are always saying something new, something interesting, and most importantly, something that will bring value to our audience.  

Content Strategy

There are a lot of good writers out there, who know how to efficiently pump out content. But that's not real strategy--that's just ticking boxes, following the same old tricks. Successful content strategy requires a deep understanding of the company, the consumers, and the story that will most effectively bring them together. There's no one-size-fits all solution. Instead, I use my background in philosophy and my experience in entrepreneurship and the business world to develop a strategy tailored specifically to each client's needs and goals. 

Voice Branding

I like to think of a brand's voice as the connective tissue between its core ethos and the end user. Developing the right voice is critical for effectively communicating your company's personality, values, and mission. I help find, craft, and execute your brand's distinctive voice. 

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Brad Norris,

Founder & CEO,

"I never cease to be impressed with the intellectual horsepower, motivation, and creativity of Finnegan Shepard. Finnegan has this unique ability to grasp a complex topic quickly, explore it from different angles, form new insights, and share these ideas back in compelling, cogent ways. His CPU just works at a faster speed than most of us.  While having strong, thoughtful opinions, Finnegan is a wonderful team player with excellent communication and empathy skills.  In short, he’s a wonderful addition to any team seeking a fast thinker with excellent communication skills."

Tiffany Qua,

VP of Marketing,

Toyish Labs

"Finnegan is a talented wordsmith and editor who not only has a way with words, but also has the uncanny ability of getting right to the core of any story. I've been impressed with his ability to digest information quickly and turn it into high-quality, compelling content - from press releases, thought leadership articles, stories for the blog, or ad copy for campaigns (all submitted on time too). Beyond his writing skills, he is also a great team player and contributor with the flexibility and steady personality to roll with the many pivots that come with a startup. He also understands the "bigger picture" and helps come up with new, thoughtful ideas for overall marketing strategy. He's a great asset to any team and I highly recommend him."

Jill Kyte,

Marketing Executive,


"Finnegan is the word wizard. He brings a background of eclectic life experiences to his writing that informs his perspective and point of view. When faced with a new technology area, he jumps into research mode and quickly and masterfully uses the written word to bring the technology to life. Finnegan has developed marketing collateral of all types including: white papers, solution briefs, articles, blog posts, video scripts, and interviews. Did I mention that he is fast too? You can give Finnegan a project and he can crank out copy faster than anyone else I have ever worked with. On top of everything else, Finnegan is a joy to work with and brings his positive attitude and energy to each and every task. I would highly recommend Finnegan if you are in search of a strong team player, amazing content creator, and an extremely smart contributor for your organization."

Vico Sharabani, Founder,


“We’ve been using Finnegan as a consultant writer at The-Artery for the last three and a half years. Whether the project is helping to find the perfect voice for a project, writing speeches on a time crunch, or fleshing out the philosophical aspects of a project treatment, he is always able to deliver something smart, unique, and insightful. We value an intersectional approach at The-Artery, and Finnegan is able to integrate ideas from a variety of directions and mediums at once to quickly produce the writing we need.”

Alison Chernick, 


Voyeur Films

“Finnegan never fails to hit the ground running, listening to the brief for the project and quickly identifying the core ideas and how they can be best captured in language. I highly recommend working with Finnegan on any project that could use a unique perspective and smooth framing in words."

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