Hi, I'm Finnegan. 

My background is in philosophy, writing, & entrepreneurship. I have a penchant for carpentry, dead languages, and bailing on graduate programs.

Mostly, I like to work with ideas and words. 

These projects take many different shapes. Feel free to explore my site to get a better sense for my interests and style, and get in touch if you'd like to work together.



I like to write things, and occasionally publish them. My current long term projects are a literary novel set in Cornwall shortly after the 1997 Lego spill, and a collection of strange short stories that all have something or other to do with gender.


Corrective  |  Typehouse literary magazine, forthcoming​

Turn Your Feelings Into Animals and Talk to Them  |  Darkhouse Anthology, forthcoming

Burglary, Robbery, Theft  |  Amarillo Bay, 2020

It's All About Aly  |  Archer, four-part series, 2019-2020

Call No Man Happy Until He is Dead, but Only Lucky  |  The Mystery Tribune, 2019



My approach is simple: find the idea behind the idea, and build thoughtful, engaging, and unique content around that. My speciality is in working with individuals and businesses that are trying to create new market categories and turn their ideas into thought leadership. 

If you would like to see samples of my work, please get in touch. 





I'm always interested in new, intriguing collaborations. If you have an idea you'd like to talk through, I'd love to hear from you.


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